Achieving Success


The first thing we do is ask a lot of them. What is it you want to achieve? What data and information do you have available? How do things work now and how do you want them to work in the future?  Whether you are a startup pursuing rapid growth or an established company in turnaround mode, going deep over a day or two helps get us to the top. 


Within the questions, there's analysis to be done with members of your team to understand where the quick wins may be in pursuit of achieving a bigger, transformational goal. And, most critically, we abandon business jargon and boil down the conversations and analyses to tangible takeaways - whether it involves automation, AI, blockchain, SEO or other technologies.


You will receive an actionable report with supporting data and documentation. Most important is to provide you recommendations that can be executed and lead to short- and long-term achievement in the form of improved revenues, efficiencies and reduced expenses. Recommendations that can help achieve your goals. As part of our efforts, we also can work to get your teams' buy-in to smartly execute. Additionally, we show you and your team what has worked and what hasn't in the work I've done involving automation, SEO, social and a host of other areas. 

Time and Money

We recommend a free initial conversation in order to provide a proposal outlining some of the first steps above, a realistic timeline and costs. 

Our goal is to get you answers fast so that you can move forward as quickly as possible to grow, adapt, turnaround or transform your business. We can help do that with insightful recommendations and, if desired, working with you on execution. 

The approach is not academic or theoretical, but instead built upon years of  experience working with, changing and building companies for success.


In Person

I'm based in NYC and happy to meet up.


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