Automation Innovation

Executive Experience

Most recently, I was chief content officer at, which sold in 2017 for $1.4B. I was responsible for all content, social and SEO. I was recruited to Bankrate in October 2015 after 10 years at the Associated Press, where I was a vice president overseeing global sports, business, entertainment and interactive news. I led AP’s transition from a wire service to a digital force, including social, mobile and automation. I also oversaw AP’s operations at the Olympics in Beijing, Vancouver, London and Sochi, plus the World Cups in Brazil and South Africa. I have worked directly with many media companies around the world, including the U.S, U.K., China and Japan. 

Real-World Automation Implementation

My work in automation technologies has been revolutionary and groundbreaking. My goal is to bridge the gap between AI, data and automation companies, and organizations without the expertise or experience. I led a team that implemented the writing of automated stories at the world’s oldest news organization on a scale never seen before. I've had a series of successful implementations of automation technologies unmatched in any industry. I've been quoted in several books and articles about the subject and featured on the BBC, NPR and “The Daily Show.” I've spoken about automation at numerous events, including SXSW. Throughout all of my automation experience, I have identified opportunities to reduce costs and increase revenue opportunities while dealing with difficult and challenging labor and corporate issues. 

Timeline of Success

 ● 2010 Launched automation of AP’s sports box scores using structured data from STATS, resulting in faster delivery and 75 percent reduction in cost. The process had been unchanged for 80 years. 

● 2012 Tested of automation technologies with Automated Insights for AP college basketball stories. Used structured data to produce stories historically produced by humans.

● 2013 Implemented new automated weekly NFL player rankings in AP digital products for new revenue opportunities using structured sports data. 

● 2014 Implemented automated writing of AP’s business news earnings reports, which had been unchanged in their production since the early 20th century. Resulted in 25 percent staff time redeployment without job losses and a 15X volume increase, allowing for revenue retention and an unmatched competitive advantage. 

● 2015 Launched plans for automated writing of Minor League Baseball and Division 2 and 3 NCAA sports stories, new content that would provide another competitive advantage and retain revenue. MiLB launched in coordination with Major League Baseball 2016, after I had left, demonstrating the legacy provided AP. NCAA plans provided unprecedented learning about the need and value of the data in producing automation. While Division 2 and 3 plans were ultimately scrapped because of data feed issues, the learnings from the effort provided unprecedented insights for future projects. 

● 2016 Launched automation at Bankrate to produce new revenue opportunities. AP deployed a team focused on more automation, including efforts with elections and sports. 

● 2017-18 Ongoing expansion of automation work at Bankrate. 


In Person

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