Lindsay Stewart, Founder & CEO, Stringr

"Lou jumped into advising Stringr with both feet, breathing fresh excitement into the team from day one. In a short time, he’s already been instrumental in furthering very important customer contracts and bringing new investors to the table. Lou has a passion for innovation and media, that is equally matched by his bias for action."

Bruce Daley, blockchain industry analyst & founder, ObjectiveCloud

"Lou is one of those rare individuals with vision and the management skills to get things done. He is an agent of change of the best possible sort and capable to taking an institution and introducing reforms to make it it more viable without burning bridges."

Robbie Allen, CEO, Infinia ML; Founder & former CEO, Automated Insights

"The sign of a true innovator is someone that can look into the future and map a course from how to get here to there. Lou understands the pressure on the publishing industry. He took a chance by implementing automated earnings reports with Automated Insights and it was a huge success. Now the Associated Press is well positioned to have broader coverage on a variety of topics that previously would have been unthinkable. Lou deserves the credit for making that happen. While the publishing industry isn't known for being the most forward-looking from a technology perspective, Lou has been a shining example of how to use new technologies to help the Associated Press adapt and gain new ground in the digital world."

Adrian Stewart, President, Engagehealthy

"Lou Ferrara is one of the industry’s leading lights in Natural Language Automation and we are thrilled to have his partnership with Engagehealthy as we bring this innovative and powerful technology to the Health Care and Population Health Engagement sectors. Lou’s extensive knowledge and operational experience with real time applications of the Natural Language Automation process, both the wins and the losses is a huge asset to our clients.  Lou’s real world understanding of how to successfully deploy Natural Language Automation to reduce costs, heighten engagement and increase revenues is invaluable and we are privileged to have him as part of our team. Together we can disrupt conventional approaches to overwhelming health data and bring sensible and meaningful intelligence that is readily accessible to health enterprise leaders, practitioners, caregivers and patients."


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