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Your Challenge

Businesses face overwhelming challenges as they work to transform and grow. All of us must take advantage of data, automation and other technologies to survive and thrive. Whether you are a startup or a decades-old institution, achieving your goals can be slowed and stymied by a host of internal and external factors. I work with you and your teams to determine the best short- and long-term paths toward achieving quick, tangible results.

My Experience

I've helped transform companies as an executive to create impactful results and value. Most recently, I was chief content officer and part of the turnaround team at Bankrate, which sold for $1.4B in 2017. Previously, I was a VP at The Associated Press, where I led much of the company's digital transformation and introduced automation technologies to create bot-written stories and investment opportunities.

Our Strategy

My services include a comprehensive consult to understand your goals, and to help identify gaps and opportunities. My colleagues and I work with you and your teams to assemble a detailed plan that includes timelines, milestones, hurdles and quick wins. Our goal is to achieve revenue-driving change, growth and results in your organization - no matter your industry or whether you are a startup or a longtime company. 

Track Record of Success

Automation Innovation

I've explored and executed an array automation innovations over the past several years. I'm currently working across multiple industries that want to implement AI and automation, including media, video, healthcare and fintech.  

Startup Advising

I'm currently advising several startups, including Stringr, Nedl and Sqoop. My role helps them grow by serving as a bridge to new business, investors (private equity, funds) and established companies seeking to innovate and transform. 

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Unique Expertise

My work has garnered attention in the media, including this story about me in the WSJ. I've appeared on "The Daily Show" and have been quoted in several books about automation. I regularly speak at conferences about AI, NLG and automation.


In Person

I'm based in NYC and happy to meet up.


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